In today”s article on What’s Up, Venus?, we will talk about the four body language signals you can look for on your date with a man that will reveal if he is really into you. If you are following along here we all know body language speaks volumes. And if you are open to the fact of reading your dates body language signals, you will know immediately.

Here are the 4 “What’s Up, Venus” signs to tell if he is truly interested in you.

Making eye contact with you.

Someone who is in to you is awkwardly sheepish. He will look at you when you are looking away, then quickly shift his eyes the minute you look at him.

If you’re in close proximity, take notice of his pupils, are they dilated. This happens when we are attracted to someone we like.

With a ultra confident guy, one huge signal is he will look you straight in the eyes, this type of man has you as his target already for the next level of a relationship. He makes it very obvious that he likes you. He will also look at your face, and then check out your hands, while his eyes dilate he is absorbing every part of you.

Open active listening.

When you two are in a conversation, does he lean into you while you’re are talking. If he’s interested in you he will be making eye contact with you, and his body will be physically turned towards you. This is his body language flirting at it best towards you. Notice his shoulders. He can’t help himself to being drawn into your aura.

His phone is put away and he doesn’t touch it.

In the world of technology, we seem to have more of a relationship with our smartphone than we do with people. It seems online dating gets a hard rap, and it becomes even more challenging to even be able to create a love interest with another person. Instagram, Facebook, text pings, or phone calls are too much of a distraction.

If the guy your with on a date places his phone on the table next to him, beware (this is bad dating etiquette), but, if the guy your with has his phone on mute and in his pocket, then he clearly respects you and your time is valuable to him. And he’s into YOU! Congrats.

His direct body language position.

A man whose into you will square his should facing toward you. His foot will point to you as well, also his legs will be slightly open, and he’ll be facing you. If he is fixing his hair or adjusting his clothing or jacket. These are body language signals that he’s trying to draw your attention to his physic, or appearance.

When he is open and honest, and reveals these types of body language signals to you, he is telling you that he clearly is ready to see you again.

Dating Guru for What’s Up, Venus? | Founder/Online Dating Coach – Linda J Wolff

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