Have I peeked your interest ladies with this question?

See, this tip can be used in a dating situation or a serious relationship. This one dating tip gave me the answers to a daunting question in my previous relationship with a man I had spent the last four and a half years with. Was he committed or was I being played the fool?

And in my new relationship of four months, I found this dating tip brought my man closer, I also started seeing the walls literally crumble from around his heart.

Are You Overly Available?

As women we fear that our new love interest or the long-term relationship we are in with our special guy that they will find someone else, so we over compensate.

The kind of over compensating I’m talking about is when we feel that surge of insecurity and we act upon with an impulse. Do you know that feeling, do me a favor, take that feeling and throw it in (a glass jar and seal it). That’s you holding yourself back from acting on your impulse. You’ll thank me for this later.

**This next paragraph doesn’t count for when your special guy is at work.**

Now do me another favor, let’s say it in the evening and you had sent him a text over two hours ago with no response. So, remember the feeling your having, the impulses. Now your being tested.

Here’s the magical part the sweet spot: He now sends you a text message. Now let’s say that he’s been home and he’s hanging with guy friends or at a bar having drinks and didn’t invite you along. Or he’s gaming and he’s just decided that you can wait.

The magical sweet spot is to not make yourself available. Remember you’re not a puppet on a string and he be the puppet master. You’re to be respected for the classy, bright, knowledgeable woman that you are, do not respond and pull back for a little while.

The time frame I try to use is this: If you knew he was home and you had reached without any response then you must use the “mirror effect dating and texting tip.”

What the Mirror-Effect Dating & Texting Tip does is this; it peeks his attention span, it makes him ask questions, it creates fear. He will be thinking these thoughts because you held back the impulse of making yourself overly available:

  • Why is she not responding?
  • What is she so busy with?
  • I must call her and find out what’s going on with her.

I usually look at how long his response time was, then I determine a time frame of how long I will wait to send him a text.

His response time of your text was 2 hours. Mirror that effect. Now, you wait 2 hours before responding. Patience or impulse?

See, what happens when you’re not available or responding immediately to his text, you put him in the pressure cooker mode. His mind starts playing tricks on him. And he’s going to want to release the pressure that these thoughts are creating.

Here comes the magical part: Now the 2-hour time-frame has been met. Magic is about not being upset with him cause he didn’t respond immediately, magic is in this text you are going to send him now that speaks with a caring, kind, emotional message of love.

Example Dating and Text Tip:

“Hi, baby! Sorry, I didn’t see your text. I was busy taking care of __________ and time got away with me. How are you doing baby?”

Now in this text message you communicated something special.

  • You didn’t judge or criticise him on what he was doing.
  • You didn’t bring unnecessary drama. (We all know what drama is.)
  • You presented yourself as a woman of value.
  • You gave him the gift of missing you.
  • You increased his attraction towards you.
  • His interest in you jumped a few more notches.
  • Now he will pursue you more.

Can you see the value in this Mirror-Effect Dating & Texting Tip?

I use the mirror-effect dating and texting tip quite often. It keeps the intensity of my relationship with my new guy on fire. In four months, he’s already talking about a long-term relationship.

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